Knight Chess Piece Moves
Info on the Knight Chess Moves

Info on the Knight Chess Moves

The Knight In Chess

The Knight piece has an unusual and distinctive move. It combines the Rook and the Bishop which adds up to an ‘L move’. The Knight takes a short cut between the two and accomplishes more than each of them.

Even though the Knight moves at an angle, he does not move diagonal. He moves in a straight line in 2 different directions in the same move. The moves include only 3 spaces and can be taken in several different combinations but the moves are always: 2 spaces and then 1 space at a 90 degree angle. Or 1 space and then 2 spaces at a 90 degree angle, and he can vary the direction he can start to take off on.

The Knight can leap over other chess pieces so that he can get to the opponents piece even if that opponent is totally surrounded.

He is limited in his movement, so use him with care so you don’t loose this piece early in the game.

The Knight directly captures a piece by landing on that chess piece square, the same way all chess pieces are captured.

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